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Getting ready to build! One of our partner family children, wearing her parent's hardhat.

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First Time Homebuyer
8-hour Workshop

2020 Workshops in English:

  1. January 25
  2. February 22
  3. April 18
  4. May 16
  5. July 18
  6. August 22
  7. September 19
  8. October 24
  9. November 14

2020 Workshops in Spanish:

  1. March 14
  2. June 13


Upon completion of the program a
“Certificate of Completion” for the First Time Home Buyer’s Program
will be provided to the borrower.

Course Description:

"Realizing the American Dream" Workshop

This pre-purchase homeowner education workshop is designed to inform potential homeowners of the necessary steps toward realizing the dream of many Americans, owning a home of their own. Realizing the American Dream is a curriculum designed to help participants decide if they are ready to buy a home, to set goals for budgeting and managing credit, to shop for a home and obtain a mortgage as an informed consumer and finally to know the basics of home maintenance and how to manage their finances. This eight hour course is offered on a monthly basis. The following is a sample of an 8-hour course.

Are you Ready to Buy a Home?

  1. The advantages & disadvantages of owning a home
  2. Setting goals
  3. How to budget & save
  4. How much you can afford to pay for a home
  5. The importance of good credit when you try to borrow money
  6. How to find the right house in the right neighborhood.
  7. How to make an offer
  8. The steps to getting a loan
  9. How you can maintain and protect your home after you move in

Budgeting and Credit:

  1. Knowing where your money goes
  2. Setting goals/ Budgeting to meet your goals
  3. Cutting costs and finding ways to save
  4. Planning, so that unexpected expenses are less of a threat
  5. Understanding credit and protecting your credit rating
  6. Fixing credit problems

Shopping for a Home:

Buying a home is a complicated process. The sale of property is controlled by federal, state, and local laws. The purchase requires a legal contract between buyer and seller. Long term financing through a bank or mortgage company is standard and there are at least five different kinds of insurance involved in the average home purchase.

Getting a Mortgage:

  1. How a lender decided whether or not to give you a mortgage loan
  2. Calculating how much you can borrow
  3. Who makes mortgage loans/ The different types of loans that are available
  4. Shopping for the best loan
  5. The loan application/ The loan approval process/ What to expect at closing

Keeping Your Home and Managing Your Finance:

  1. Making your home safe and energy efficient
  2. Keeping your home in good repair
  3. Deciding when and how to remodel
  4. Getting involved in the life of your neighborhood
  5. Protecting your investment
  6. Budgeting for home ownership
  7. Keeping records and paying taxes
  8. Understanding refinancing
  9. What to do if you cannot make your payments