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Getting ready to build! One of our partner family children, wearing her parent's hardhat.

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Housing Counseling

We are a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency. Our one-on-one classes and workshops are 2-hours long and cover a variety of topics to help empower homeowners and homebuyers. We also provide a First-Time Homebuyer Workshop, which is 8-hours.

Please call (209) 575-4585 Ext. 111
to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Pre-Purchase Classes

Introduction to Housing Counseling: Provides resources, and introduces you to the Habitat housing program and our housing counseling classes.

Credit Counseling: Will help you understand what information is on your credit report, how to build credit, and how to protect yourself against predatory lending and identity theft.

Getting Ready to Buy

Down Payment Assistance Certification

Homeowners Insurance: Provides valuable information on homeowner insurance policies, coverage options, and the process of assessing and purchasing homeowner's insurance.

Neighborhood Safety: Provides valuable resources on how to keep your family and home safe.

Post-Purchase Classes

Budgeting: Will help you customize a budget to meet your family’s needs and learn about money saving ideas.

Home Maintenance: Provides valuable hands on skills to do your own home repair projects.

Estate Planning