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Credit Counseling

Course Description

This course discusses the importance of maintaining good credit and provides tips on improving credit rating. This course helps potential home owners understand the following information:

  1. Credit reporting agencies and credit reports
  2. Credit scoring
  3. How to correct errors on a credit report
  4. How to address common credit problems
  5. Ways to establish credit
  6. How to manage debt
  7. Ways to reduce the risk of identity theft
  8. Consumer credit rights

This course includes strategies on building a better credit record and reducing dept. Poor credit and high debt may be obstacles to buying a home, but do not mean that a person needs to give up the dream of becoming a homeowner. Overcoming these obstacles may take some time and a work, we can assist with this by providing ongoing one-on-one credit counselor services.

Understanding Credit

  1. Using credit wisely is another important part of the home buying process and a person’s financial security.
  2. A person’s credit history is a record of a person’s ability to borrow money and pay it back.
  3. Some people are afraid of credit and pay cash for everything: other people abuse credit and borrow more than they can ever repay.
  4. This course explains the importance of having a good credit history, and ways to stay in good credit standing.