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Neighborhood Safety

Course Description

This course includes essential information on how to prevent and respond to neighborhood crime and the importance of Neighborhood Watch. Participants receive emergency contact numbers and crime prevention information.

Knowing Your Community

Knowing what is happening in the neighborhood is part of a homeowner’s investment. In this course participants learn how to find out what is going on in their neighborhood. The following suggestions are discussed:

  1. Making a special effort to introduce themselves and their family to their neighbors as soon as possible.
  2. Weekly community newspapers
  3. Call the town or city hall to learn what information they can send
  4. Parks and recreation, senior centers, teen centers, sports activities, annual events
  5. Joining a service or professional club
  6. Volunteer for a community cleanup or charity walk
  7. Being a Good Neighbor

Neighbors helping neighbors is the core of a stable community, especially for those homeowners who do not live close to family. It is essential to have a supportive neighborhood to ensure the safety of the community. It is comforting to know that a neighbor might be watching your house while you are on vacation or if there is suspicious activity going on that can jeopardize the safety of the neighborhood.